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  • Your Freewill Is To Choose Your Life As You Know & Feel It Is Right For You’
  • ‘There Are Solutions For Everything- I Am Here To Guide You To These Solutions’
  • Counselling in Greek Language Also- Μιλαω Ελληνικα- Eιμαι Aπο Ελληνικη Kαταγωγη   
  • I am a Systemised Healer: This means I am strategic in my nature and I am able to see the ‘whole picture.’ I have visions and am visionary and holistic in my thinking. I am rational and able to see things in an orderly linear way, clean and clear. I am OBSESSED with researching anything I am interested in. I can always see the possible outcomes and the influences as a whole. As a Healer, I have strong intellect. I can heal you from any angle to bring you that peace and guidance you yearn for in your life.
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Paris Yves Read

Counsellor DipAppSocSciCounsel, 


A life full of drama, regrets, experiences, dreams, goals and more drama! Sound familiar?

My name is Paris and I live in Melbourne, Australia.
I am a qualified and experienced Life Counsellor and am here to really listen to you.

You are probably here because you may have been to so many other counsellors/healers/psychologists and you still feel stuck in square 1, or that your life is not moving on as it should.

I know that today, 2022, life has changed completely- it will never be the same as before- and why should it be? We’ve needed this ‘kick up our backside’ to shift our brain thinking differently about ourselves, others and the world.

But there is no guide book to our new world. There is no life manual. We feel like we have to sort it out on our own. Right? It pretty much is that way. But those who can navigate life easier than others is because they have mentors who guide them. Mentors who have had so many experiences and life setbacks, that they love to pass on their knowledge to others, to save them the headaches that they experienced themselves.

Sounds noble right? So here I step in- you cannot imagine the experiences I have had and continue to have about relationships, work, life, families, health, etc. I have given up thinking I have learnt enough to navigate life- not at all. Each day I am learning that there are so many different strategies to dealing with life’s challenges, whether big or small challenges.

And I want to share these with you- the solutions that is!

We all need someone to talk to, someone we can trust and someone we are confident in who can listen to us and not judge our emotions or our thoughts.

We all need someone who will genuinely empathise and understand what we are trying to get ‘off our chest.’

So if you want someone to make you feel worthy and listen to any issue that is on your mind, confidentially,  I have time for you.

Appointments are available constantly- flexible times- I need time out too don’t forget!

Problems arise for you all times of the day etc so I want to make myself available when you need someone most- problems aren’t just 9-5 and if you need help now- you need it now– not next week- I get that…..

Hear from you soon, High Vibrations!


Click here to Talk with me and ask about an appointment  or email at

 Greek- speaking support also


Counselling/ Coaching Qualifications

  • Diploma Applied Social Science– Counselling- Australian College of Applied Psychology
  • Certificate in Integrative Mental Health, Cyndie Kopsen & Caroline Young
  • Coaching & the Development of Executive Talent, Workshop,  Randall White (Executive Development Group, USA)
  • ‘Understanding relationships in coaching through the use of feedback, feeding forward personal goals,’ Workshop, Dr Almuth McDowell, London
  • Grief & Bereavement Support, Australian Centre for Grief & Bereavement
  • Anger management, Coaching, Coping with Unemployment, Couple Counselling, General Addiction, Pre-marital Counselling, Relationship Breakdown, School Bullying, Workplace Harassment, Drug/ Alcohol Rehabilitation, Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis, Intellectual Disability & Mental Health, Grief & Bereavement, Dementia, Mental Health Academy
  • ‘How food affects learning and behaviour  Fedup Roadshow, Sue Dengate
  • ‘Why have allergies become epidemic in Australia?’ Allergy Workshop, Dr Susan Prescott

Metaphysical Qualifications

  • Certificate of Massage
  • Many Lives Many Masters, Workshop, Brian Weiss
  • Visionary Intuitive Healing Workshop, Inna Segal
  • Reiki Level 1 & Reiki Level 2
  • Oracle reading Workshop
  • Aura Reading Workshop
  • Hands on Healing Workshop
  • Astrology Workshop- Roderick Kidston
  • Aromatherapy Workshop

Business/Corporate Qualifications

  1. Diploma of Project Management
  2. Certificate IV Business Development
  3. Certificate IV Workplace Training & Assessment
  4. Mentor Business Skills Program- Young Achievement Australia
  5. Event Management Certificate
  6. Certificate of Hospitality
  7. Real Estate for Agents’ Representative

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