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‘I am a Systemised Healer: This means I am strategic in my nature and I am able to see the ‘whole picture.’ I have visions and am visionary and holistic in my thinking. I am rational and able to see things in an orderly linear way, clean and clear. I am OBSESSED with researching anything I am interested in. I can always see the possible outcomes and the influences as a whole. As a Healer, I have strong intellect. I can heal you from any angle to bring you that peace and guidance you yearn for in your life.’


Do you need someone to speak to you ‘straight out’- with no ‘beating around the bush’ and giving you direct help, suggestions and guidance for anything that is distracting you or upsetting you in your life?

I can see ‘straight through’ people and situations and have always been a problem solver. There is a solution for everything- everything.

If you want to have a quick chat with me for few minutes to figure out if I am the right person to help you, feel free to email me with your details and we can arrange a mutual time for a quick chat- before you decide for consultations with me- No obligation or cost for the first phone chat!

I have experienced so many personal & professional life situations- it is not funny- I was born into Drama!

From issues with family- divorce, parents & relatives, step families, workplace bullying, physical ailments, intimate relationships, self-doubt, depression/anxiety…..what most of us really experience but at different emotional levels. Some people are more sensitive and more empathic than others, so your level of sadness & confusion will affect your life accordingly. Regardless, we still need someone to bounce ideas off and to get things ‘off our chest.’ Right?

For Appointment Enquiry, Contact Paris Below:

Paris Yves Read, Holistic Life Counsellor, Clairvoyant / Intuitive, Medium

Appointment Details: 

Please complete the client form below for an appointment:

  Fees are $150 per session/ per hour, which INCLUDES:

  • My 100% attention to you, i.e. I don’t waste your time and $ talking about MY experiences for half the session, as so many other healers and counsellors do.
  • Constant dialogue with you, I don’t just sit there ‘listening’ to you, I actually interact verbally in your discussion with me.
  • I focus on empathising with you and respecting you- the session is about YOU and NOT my personal opinions.
  • I focus on presenting the best choices for your life situation or professional situation.
  • My diverse and extensive life experiences allow me to instantly understand your weaknesses/challenges.
  • As a Clairvoyant, I add further intuitive information to instantly pick up on issues and obstacles that are troubling you.
  • My ultimate focus is to help you remove or manage the challenges you are facing so your life can be healthier and not so stressful.

Major fee discounts for unemployed & pensioners- ID (pension, unemployed, disability etc) to be kindly provided at booking-  I appreciate we all have different financial backgrounds. I am here to genuinely help you.

Fees are to be paid before the appointment.

If I need to cancel the appointment for personal reasons, e.g. health, your payment is fully refundable immediately.

Once we both agree on your appointment day and time, please transfer payment directly at the following account details:

Business name: PARIS YVES READ

ABN: 80883745954

Bank BSB No- 733 157    Bank Account no- 684 795


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