Animal/ Bird Healing

All  Birds and Animals yearn to be healed and loved.

Lori our Grevillea Queen
Lorie our Grevillea Queen

Birds and animals feel everything we as people do. Not only does science prove this, but you just need to look into an animals eyes, from a lizard to an ape, and be able to

It is unbelievable that many individuals, businesses and governments allow such attrocities upon animals.

In the year 2015, the criminal way animals are treated is beyond barbaric.

It seems many people have not developed their sense of empathy, sympathy or animal connection.

It is also surprising how many people are unaware that barbaric acts upon animals happen in their neighbourhood in e.g. Australia, USA, United Kingdom – not just in ‘other countries.’

Please be aware and keep a lookout for animal abuse…we are a shameful planet allowing animals who breathe, cry, speak and feel, to be treated worse than a piece of furniture.

You would not kick, shout at, bash, smash or brutally sell a treasured personal item, such as an antique or car.

Yet daily, billions of animals are kicked at, screamed at, whipped, bashed, brutally bred and sold for greedy money….

Please help heal all the animals on our planet- they are desperate for us to understand them, their pain and the love they look up to us for.

Please watch: Lorie’s Dream below



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