I love essential oils- they emit peace, gorgeous scents and a spiritual atmosphere!!


Oils have different effects on our psyche, depending on which oil you use.

Also it is best that oils are not used around animals, especially companion birds.

Essential oils are great in showers (can stain bases), you just drop a few to release a lovely scent in the shower heat, e.g. frankincence oil to spiritually cleanse, or orange oil to enliven your senses, lavender oil as a calming and cleansing oil, eucalyptus and lemon vabena to spiritually cleanse the aura.

Essential oils are used with a base oil, eg almond oil and jojoba oils.

If oils are used during a massage, it is best to wipe off the oils at the end of the massage as they can stain the clothes.

But if you can leave the oils on instead, whilst wearing dark cotton clothing, this is best, as the oils continue to do their magic after the massage and the base oils hydrate the skin.

There are so many types of essential oils, read up on them and see which ones you would like and resonate with.

A reputable place to purchase aromatherapy oils is from Debbie, a professional Aromatherapist, in Queensland Australia- her website is Divine Empress as below:


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