Crystals are magical! I absolutely adore them!!!

They are harmless and easy to buy and use- it is the intention that matters.

Sending thoughts of love and positivity through the crystal amplifies the crystal energy.

Crystals can be placed in your pockets throughout the day or near your bed at night.

You can place crystals throughout your home or outdoors.

But it is important to note, that crystals do not perform miracles. The ‘new age’ industry has overrated and overpriced crystals- high demand= higher price. If you do not take all the necessary actions to manifest what it is you are hoping for e.g. new job, new relationship, abundance etc, then your crystal will not magically do the hard work for you.

Lauree during her crystal healing

Published on Nov 20, 2014

Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther performance Earth and Beyond conference, 21th of June, 2014, Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands. More information about Little Grandmother Keisha Crowther, go to: More info about Earth and Beyond, go to: She talks about Crystals

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