Healing your Life

 Healing is about calming the body and mind.

This can be done in hundreds of ways, eg walking down the beach, reading, sleeping/resting, gardening, watching an inspiring movie, spending time with loved ones, working on a project you are passionate about!


Mark Robert Waldman- Change your brain, change your world


Mark Waldman is one of the world’s leading experts on communication, spirituality, and the brain. He is on the faculty at Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business and the Holmes Institute.

Mark has authored 12 books, including the national bestseller, How God Changes Your Brain, an Oprah pick for 2012. His research has been published throughout the world and featured in Time, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Investor’s Business Weekly, and Oprah Magazine.



TEDxConejo – Mark Robert Waldman – 03/27/10

The following Tedx Talk explores the neuroscience of spirituality, happiness, and creativity.  Experience the “Inner Values” exercise that begins 13 minutes into this presentation, and practice it for one minute each morning.  It will reduce stress throughout your entire day.

Men Hurt Too- Empowering Men

Discovering healthy assertive behaviour. “Whether you stay in your relationship, or you leave, “you will need to learn how to take care of yourself. You will need to learn how to stop rescuing, to set your personal limits and boundaries, and how to be assertive.”

One of the reasons you may have been so attractive to an emotionally abusive person is that it has been clear from the start that you could be manipulated into taking care of her, and furthermore, that her needs were more important than yours. One of the most important things you can do is to begin to put your own needs first.

If you learned as a child that your needs were unimportant, you may believe that taking care of yourself is a selfish act. But your highest responsibility is to yourself. When you take care of your own needs first, you will be able to be a genuinely caring, giving person, not a martyr. Although it will be uncomfortable at first, and you may be afraid that other won’t like you unless you are giving to them, keep trying.”

   Alice Bailey

      Alice Bailey (Esoteric Healing) The Sacred Art of Healing

     “Healing does not come through intense affirmation of divinity,

      or by simply pouring out love and the expression of a vague

      mysticism. It comes through mastering an exact science of

       contact, impression, of invocation plus an understanding of the

      subtle apparatus of the etheric vehicle.”

“You will have noted that I listed the psychological causes under four headings:

1. those arising out of the emotional-feeling nature

2.those which have their origin in the etheric body

3.those which are based on wrong throught

4. the peculiar complaints and psychological troubles of disciples.’

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