Firstly I believe that each individual is responsible for their health and the decisions they make that impact their health. No one should force us to do something to our bodies/mind if we do not agree or do not fully understand the impact of the health practices.

So you think you know about Health problems eh? Or you think you know about being healthy? Just because you ‘think’ you have been healthy all your life? Well your life is not over yet, right? So learning more about how our bodies work and how toxins after you, won’t kill you. It will strengthen you.

Have you been debilitated in bed? Paralyzed? Ill and isolated with no support? Spent thousands of dollars going from one medico to the  next alternative health practitioner with no results? Been unable to walk, stand, work or get out of the house?

These are health problems.

And unfortunately, most people are unable to understand how much dis-ease impacts our health and daily life until they suffer health problems themselves. And even then, they expect they will magically get better and not suffer again, if they join the gym, or ‘think positively’ or change their diet a bit.

It does not work that way. We all have health problems. They just choose to emerge when we are under shocking stress- or in high stress situations. This is when the body activates the bad bacteria, viruses etc. Not that the body chooses to do this, but when we are feeling physically and emotionally stressed, this is when the bad bugs in our bodies say: ‘now it is time for us to take advantage.’

All this from personal experiences. If you don’t believe me, all this will be confirmed when you or your those close to you ‘crash’ under stressful conditions and when it appears that the dis-ease will never leave.

This is why I say daily: ‘eat fruits, vegetables, herbs’ to try and manage all the chaos happening in our bodies.

Because we can never eliminate stress, well, unless you have a close to perfect lifestyle. 

Stress has always been the biggest killer, so many sources of stress. But it is a part of all our lives.

So let’s try to manage it as calmly and healthy as we can. Fruits, vegetables and herbs. As major immune system boosters.


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