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We are all psychic and we all have intuition…it just depends when and if we acknowledge this and how we develop this to serve us for our best potential.’ 

Paris Yves Read

Paris Yves Read, Melbourne Australia

Hello friends!

I’ve been clairvoyant and a medium for as long as I can remember, from a very young child.
But I was not encouraged by those around me to use my innate abilities for most of my life.
But I do now! I finally acknowledged that I can ‘see’ and ‘hear’ and ‘sense/feel’ what others around me tried hard to shut down.
I am a medium and clairvoyant with people and animals and clairvoyant/clairsentient/clairaudient/ etc and can connect with those who have passed on.

They are not supernatural powers- but few of our senses we were born with and some people can ‘use’ more than others or who ‘practice’ these senses more than others.

It’s something that comes so naturally to me- to communicate with souls on earth or who have crossed over- both people and animals.

It is such a relief being able to connect with a loved one- whom we miss terribly on earth in the physical.

We have been conditioned to believe that when someone dies, they are gone- and forgotten.

This is untrue. People and animals may ‘shed’ the physical, but the souls are very much alive and around us.

Our loved ones are always protecting us, guiding us and talking to us. We just need to make the effort to listen to them.

If you want to connect with a loved one or want some psychic guidance, please email Paris at or kindly fill out the form below.

Sessions start at $150 per hour- by phone, skype or in person.

Betty Shine

She’s so down to earth….it’s spooky

Betty Shine has a curious problem at dinner parties. Invariably, some guests are reluctant to be seated next to her, because they think she will read their minds.

‘Well, first of all, I’m not interested in reading their bloody minds,’ says Mrs Shine, renowned clairvoyant, medium and spiritual healer, with a hearty chuckle. ‘The other thing is, I can’t do it.’

Are Psychics Crazy People?

Psychics are often labelled ‘crazy’ by those who don’t believe in psychic phenomena. Does being psychic mean you are crazy or mentally unstable? And if it doesn’t, where is the line between mental illness, insanity and psychic phenomena? I haven’t seen an article anywhere about this delicate subject written by someone who calls themselves psychic. Yet, it’s a subject that is very important in my view, and it’s come to my attention lately because in my last blog post, I wrote about how to make spirit communication feel less scary.  I got a comment from a commenter who said that psychic development can be scary because some people have angry spirit guides who influence them into committing violent acts. To me, it sounded like the commenter was referring to a mental illness (like schizophrenia or psychosis) NOT psychic phenomena. Yet this person talked in terms of spirit guides telling people to do things. If you’ve heard about possessions, negative entities, and spirits telling you to do destructive things, you may have asked yourself questions like: Where is the line between insane and psychic?

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