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Don’t we all just wish we could wave a magic wand and wish for everything we want to go smoothly? Or even, have our coach angel beside us 24/7???? Help!

Yes, we all need life coaching- just when I thought I had my ‘life’ figured out, my road journey changes and I wonder- what shall I do next?

Well, if we are lucky enough, to have a trusting life mentor or if we know how to use our intuition wisely and honestly, we will proceed well.

But what about all those obstacles along the way?  How do we deal with those and the people or psychopaths that just love to cause problems and distractions in our journey? 

Life coaching is about having someone in your life who can see your journey objectively and who can help guide you to make the best positive decisions- not by them telling you what to do, but to provide options for you- so in the end, you feel that you made those decisions and were not forced onto options that you may not feel comfortable about.

Usually the most effective life coaches in my opinion are the ones with too many life varied life experiences, and who have learnt from these and humble enough to admit them. Someoe who can really empathise, feel and sense what you are going through and not just reading a.b.c.d text book options- don’t you think?

I mean, I cannot career coach an astronaut, as I have never been an astronaught, but I could certainly life coach an astronaut to try and live more grounded!!!!’


Paris Yves Read

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Mr. Michael A. Burge OAM

How to Survive the Psychopath Michael Burge 

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