Parrot/Bird/ Animal Behaviour Counselling & Clairvoyance

My girl Lauree, as all birds, yearn and need safety, freedom and love from their family carers

My other website for Bird Behaviour, Bird Education, Bird Rights Activism 

Hello all bird and animal lovers! My name is Paris Yves Read and I live in Melbourne Australia.

I provide professional bird behaviour advice & bird healing. Session fees are $50, up to one hour.

The sessions include physical/emotional healing, clairvoyance/mediumship, bird behaviour advice.

So when your bird appears distressed/depressed/droopy body language, is attacking/biting, is not looking or behaving healthy, please call me asap 0413 530 419. When birds look ill, it is best to contact your professional avian vet and request a home visit, as the less you stress the bird, the better for his/her health. Ensure bird is kept in a quiet, safe, warm environment. Keep birds in a safe warm basket with a towel on the top ensuring the bird can breathe of course. It is important to always educate yourself first before you rescue/adopt birds.

Birds demand human company time, financial commitment and regular bird education by all bird carers, to ensure a happy and healthy life.
No, not all birds talk or perform amusing tricks- birds have their own individual brains to do what they want, when they want.

“Talk to us, keeping your distance, and allow us, to decide, when we are comfortable enough,

to interact with you, instead of the other way around.

Poking fingers at us, taunting us or any other forms of harassment  are cruel and frightening behaviours.

We are not required to love strangers. However, if you allow us to be ourselves, without any expectations,

and treat us with kindness and respect,  you will learn a lot about birds and you will be entranced by our beauty and grace”.

Please contact me below to discuss your querie details for a possible appointment:

Crystal on her perch
Gomez with his rose from Lisa
Gentle Jazzy
agapi love 2
My Valentine Agapi
ChiChu” What u looking at?
Zen and her acrobatics

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