Parrot/Bird/ Animal Behaviour Counselling & Clairvoyance

Bird Behaviour &  Bird Education, Melbourne 

Hello all bird and animal lovers!

I offer bird behaviour advice & bird reiki/ healing.

Birds demand human company time, financial commitment and regular bird education by all bird carers, to ensure a happy and healthy bird.
No, not all birds talk or perform amusing tricks

“Talk to us, keeping your distance, and allow us, to decide, when we are comfortable enough, to interact with you,
instead of the other way around.

Poking fingers at us, taunting us or any other forms of harassment  are cruel and frightening behaviours.

We are not required to love strangers. However, if you allow us to be ourselves, without any expectations,

and treat us with kindness and respect,  you will learn a lot about birds and you will be entranced by our beauty and grace”.

Please email Paris to discuss appointment or complete form below:

Facebook/Wonderful World of Non-Human Animals

Facebook/ Animal Compassion Fatigue Counselling &
Animal Loss Grief Counselling

Crystal on her perch
Gomez with his rose from Lisa
Gentle Jazzy
agapi love 2
My Valentine Agapi
ChiChu” What u looking at?
Zen and her acrobatics

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