What is Empathy?

Millions of people have zero or very little Empathy. Shocking isn’t it?

Empathy is the ability to ‘put yourself in someone’s shoes’ and to understand how they feel, their point of view and what they are trying to communicate with you.

There are different levels of Empathy- not like, step 1, step 2, step 3.

But depending on our born/innate personality, our environment growing up & our life experiences, we develop our own level of empathy.

Some people get sad or cry a lot as they feel the pain and suffering of people, or animals or nature.

Others are able to block out any feelings of pain and suffering of others and just focus with their life and get on with it.

So there are different levels. If you grew up without your family expressing emotions or not encouraging you to express how you feel, then you may have stunted your potential to empathise for others.

But don’t worry- if you want to care for others emotionally, if your heart is in it, then you can learn to do so.

And one of the ways is to accept your lack of empathy and to start learning and researching how people with empathy feel and their behaviours, mannerisms, expressions.

It also requires that you ‘soul search’ your own emotions.

So get ready to learn much more about who you are, your personality and how you respond to people and situations.

Feeling empathy is one of the most precious feelings in life. Why?

Because you can connect emotionally with people who you love and your relationship are more fulfilling.

Because you can connect better with people you work with and your relationships are much more clearer, transparent, honest and effective.

You are able to communicate and liaise with people better when you develop your empathy.

So there is less conflict and less misunderstandings as those who empathise have more consideration and regard for people, animals & nature.

Wouldn’t the world be close to perfect if most people could Empathise?


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