What is Empathy?

Hello Friends!!

Do you know what Empathy means? Empathy is about being able to feel and understand others as much as possible.

Empathy toward people, animals, birds, nature.

So there are different levels of Empathy.

Some people can empathise with their family, but they choose not to empathise with their neighbours, friends, society in general.

We can choose who we empathise with and how we empathise with people.

Others empathise with people who are sick & starving in 3rd world countries, but they do not empathise with sick and hungry people in their own first world country.

We choose how and when to empathise.

The term flown around by the ‘new age’ industry, ’empath’ is just another way of saying that you have a level of empathy.

And yes, if you choose to over-empathise with someone, an injured animal or a healthy tree being destroyed, then yes, you will feel very sad and often ill from seeing such distress.

But then the same ’empaths’ can feel no empathy for a person, who may appear to be very financially wealthy and who is suffering from a shocking physical illness.

We choose who to be empathic for and how to empathise.

It is our choice- our Freewill.








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Hi, I’m Paris. When i am not spending my time on my websites, I am dedicating my life to saving companion birds at my private run Agapi’s Parrot Sanctuary in Melbourne Australia.



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